Vaccination – Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly access to the following page:

Find step by step tips below the orange button ‘Book now’

We are only taking bookings for
1. the PFIZER BioNTech (Booster Dose only)
Conditions :
You should be above 40 years old
Your last dose should have been completed before the 15 October 2021 (all vaccins combined except PFIZER BioNTech)

2.MODERNA (Booster Dose ONLY)
You should be aged between 18 and 39 years old
Either : Your single shot of Janssen should have been completed by 22 October 2021
Or : Your second dose should :
– Have been done before the 22 October 2021
– Be either Covishield/AstraZeneca/Covaxin/Sputnik/Sinopharm/Janssen only
(No PFIZER BioNTech)

Regarding the other vaccines, it will all depend on the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Kindly follow our communications about same on our Facebook, Instagram pages and our website.

Only one dose is required and it is at Rs300, payable online (please see more info on this below) only.


  1. Once booking is completed on the platform:
    1. Payment by Card – you will receive a confirmation mail within a few minutes
    2. Payment by Juice or Internet Banking:
      1. You will receive a ‘Pending payment’ mail within a few minutes with the bank details to complete the payment.
      2. Once the payment has been completed (with your ROAG reference number), you should send the proof of payment on After sending proof of payment, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Kindly contact ROAG by phone only on +230 5705 5162 or by email: ; this will help to keep the Clinique Bon Pasteur’s lines available for emergencies.

We do not allow any change in appointment’s date and time.